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To be honest, I hear Kreia just the half of what she says, because she is a dark jedi, don´t forget she is Darth Traya, she is with you not only for the bound you two share, but because also she is interested in it for her own intentions; too much neutrality throwing to dark, it seems to me something apathetic, and as she says: "apathy is dead". I prefer the Jedi/LS way, to "my" way, because the problem is that, in the game, it seems that to be a Jedi (a good Jedi) you have to be a little prude (some dialog options are so "good"). I do my duty as a Jedi because I want to do it, I like to do it, I can do it, I desire it, it gives me the desire, and, of course, because it is the correct thing. But there´s no need of being more papist than the Pope.
I have never seen Bastila as an instructor, just a beautiful, skilled and interesting companion, but not an instructor for the reason you have exposed.
And about E. Kun´s faction, that war took place about 35/40 years before the mandalorian wars, almost all of the people who fought there are dead at that moment, except Jolee and a few very old masters. I don´t remember now what Jolee says about that war, if you ask him if all the traitors are dead (something like that).
I admit that there is probable that those Sith survivors from Kun´s faction transmited their knowledge to new Sith students, but I think it´s not the same. And remember that most of the original Darth Revan´s army, or probably all his army, are former Republic soldiers, not those Sith who could join later, right?.
Maybe you´re right, there are always Sith, but these Sith you talk about were weaken, I think they were not prepared for a new war. I think Canderous says about them that they preferred to remain in their own territories, as if the thing was not with them.

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