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Ok, so here's my question:

Do you think (and I mean this as a kindhearted human soul connecting with anonymous individuals under various pseudonyms through a common means of communication, despite whatever inherently tarnished reputation precedes me via this medium) that we will have a digital apocalypse.

"Digital Apocolypse" can refer to anything really, I'm thinking of it along the lines of either a dystopian world where there is significantly less nature and people isolate and live most of the time through digital means, or a future where our digital world has failed in some way such as war resulting in the destruction or reorganization of the Internet/long-distance information distribution, or something destructive occurring within the infrastructure of our information distribution system, presumably more basic than "the internet" but not limited to such a device.

Zombies may or may not be involved, I personally am not a supporter of such a development because its an extinction scenario.

And, a note on extinction scenarios: I do not believe in them. I'm not saying I don't think they exist, I'm saying I do not support them in any way/shape/form with belief energies. I think we're a pessimistic collective ruling body, I do not think we are in any real danger of messing **** up as badly as we are able to admit presently, if that makes any sense.


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