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Originally Posted by Kelvin View Post
First of all, as i read your comment, i noticed that you're getting on the defensive. I didn't do that to any other group, i merely gave my opinion about this thread, but you're trying to have all the reason, you know what i mean right? You , man, woman or zoidberg... are just questioning my answers just because you want to get better than me... Maybe not in a conscious way, and i know you'll be saying it's not true. Now that i explained how you felt inside when you read my comment i'll start to tell you what i think about your answers.

At first I merely suspected, mainly due to the language barrier, but this latest post pretty much confirms it.

"They should rename the team to the Washington Government Sucks. Put Obama on the helmet. Line the entire walls of the stadium with the actual text of the ACA.
Fix their home team score on the board to the debt clock, they can win every game 17,000,000,000,000 to 24. Losing team gets taxed by the IRS 100%, then droned."
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