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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Does the retail version of this game require Steam?
It required Steam to install and activate, but not to play it once installed (you can just run the game EXE file directly without the Steam client running).

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
Absolutely loving the game despite its (many) glitches

UI is less than desirable, but no more clumsy than Oblivion's nested nightmare
I just favorite everything and auto-key 1-8 for my magic/weapon setups.
It's definitely worse if you're used to "non-standard" control schemes throughout your gaming history. When movement controls for games are in your muscle memory it's nearly impossible to relearn, so the inability to alter key bindings to your liking was very much game breaking. Fortunately it can be remedied with a key remapper utility, but something like that really shouldn't be necessary for a game to be playable.

I also find that there aren't enough quick keys to bind, so I have to navigate the magic/shouts/inventory menus a lot to swap things.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Speaking of faces, am I the only one that thinks that it is bizarre to have a FaceGen character creator for the player character in a first-person game where you virtually never (outside of a few combat kill-cam moments) see said character's face?
I'm playing Skyrim (and all the other TES games) in third person mode, feels more "RPG-ish" that way for some reason. Then you see what your character looks like a fair bit. It might explain why customization options are so limited though (seems like my every attempt to make a Nord female results in something looking like a pale Redguard zombie instead).

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