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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Or rent a hireling Also, rank has it's privileges, though I found having a helper isn't always helpful (can't run backwards through a hallway if your companions is running forward to jump on bad guy's sword).
yeah.. I'm just trigger shy with companions as Bethesda seems hell bent on having them jump in front of you mid-swing. My squishy butt would probably get pommeled by my own companion.. hehe. With the Atronach.. I can spam my magic (depending on element) since they are immune to its effects. I'm Mr. Sneaky McBowFlamethrower.

Fire spell = Flame Artonach
Cold spell = Frost Atronach
Shock spell = Storm Atronach

They tend to get a dragon's attention too. Gets them to land quicker whenever one decides to spawn so they're like conjured bait! hehe

I fear I might be missing out on companion quests though.. so sooner or later I'll probably have to make the dive (unless I find out there's no such quest lines).

Haven't monkeyed with enchantment. Love smithing. Wish alchemy was more effective.
Yeah..was really disappointed that my poisons no longer have element effects and such. Mostly use damage over time and the prevent magicka/stamina regen on the boss types and enchanted my bows with different effects (fire, frost, shock, soul trap, etc.). Great way to make some cash though. I got rich just off selling my fodder potions made during leveling my alchemy skill.

Enchanting is pretty kewl too (some aspects). You have to destroy magic weapons/armor to get their enchant effect, so it's a decision on selling/destroying valuable loot. But the stickler is only certain enchants work with certain body slot gear.. kinda sucks, kinda rocks. I'm torn, but nothing a mod won't fix eventually.

Two words: Treasure maps
Dude! Found my first one last night! hehehe.. loved it! Going to be hitting bandit camps more often now

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