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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Care to explain that?
That was referring to Kelvin's statement of if everyone followed religions, the world would be filled with puppies and chocolate. (I paraphrased a bit)

To give the first example I can think of: When Fuhrer Christ tries to get food from a fig tree and fails, he decides to make the tree wither. So, since Jesus couldn't sin, I suppose the moral of the story was it's fine to harm living organisms for no reason other than if they don't give you want you want.

So, I think it's obvious that Kelvin's statement of "we would just forgive and apologize, it would be a great world.." is not backed up with this passage.

(Now, obviously this doesn't seem quite that bad because it was "only" a plant, but consider: I would not want to make a defense based around that supposition, because as God incarnate Jesus should have an unusually high moral sense, and, I would argue, should not curse anything.)
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