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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
Enchanting is pretty kewl too (some aspects). You have to destroy magic weapons/armor to get their enchant effect, so it's a decision on selling/destroying valuable loot. But the stickler is only certain enchants work with certain body slot gear.. kinda sucks, kinda rocks. I'm torn, but nothing a mod won't fix eventually.
I'm a little disappointed with it myself, or at least annoyed at the lack of any 'light' enchantment - although that could be because I haven't found anything that does it yet.

That was usually one of the first things I enchanted in Oblivion, a simple ring with a light spell to save me carrying a torch - not that I'm afraid of the dark, or anything, but I always thought any adventurer, be it warrior or mage would want something to illuminate their way while leaving the hands free for sword/shield/magic when they're in a dank cave or dungeon.
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