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Originally Posted by Q View Post

At first I merely suspected, mainly due to the language barrier, but this latest post pretty much confirms it.
Confirm... What? And what do you mean with that picture... Is that you? Ahhh.. Sorry, but since this comment seems to contribute to this thread, and you are just trying to annoy me... I'll just ask you... How did you feel when you sent that comment? Did you feel fine? Better than before writing? Let's just say, we Agree to Disagree, you all have different thoughts, i tried to make you see w hat i saw, and chose between both... but i see people are more stubborn than a donkey.

That was referring to Kelvin's statement of if everyone followed religions, the world would be filled with puppies and chocolate. (I paraphrased a bit)
Hhahahah, well that might have been a little weird... What i tried to explain, is, for instance, most religions talk about "sins" right? such as proud and so on. Well, if we didn't have any problem with ourselves, we wouldn't have problems with others, and yes, we all have problems with ourselves, we are stubborn, greedy or whatever. You may say no, but can you tell me a case, which people argue or fight or anything, without having personal problems?

You just don't get that the bird is the word. xD. I mean uhhh!! We all try to change things from the outside, but we cannot change them if we dont change us first, improve ourselves, if you are so stubborn and blind to think you are the best, and perfect, then, that is your problem. If i gave you and advice and you threw it, you wouldn't be as perfect as you might think, because intelligent people are those who listen, and think, not those that listen what they think.

PD: By the way, i think i'll show you an example of what is reading smartly.

Do you know Islam? Do you think all those crazy guys that kill others because they're not islamic did read correctly?

Nobody said these stories were factual, and people tend to misunderstand everything, because people tend to spend just a little, little amount of energy, and just think enough to undestand the tales.

Yihad means spiritual fight with oneself, to finally become someone better, but all the people just read this and think it is about military fighting.

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