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Originally Posted by Astor View Post
I'm a little disappointed with it myself, or at least annoyed at the lack of any 'light' enchantment - although that could be because I haven't found anything that does it yet.
Yeah, there's a few spell effects I miss that were part of my Morrowind/Oblivion staples. So far though I haven't encountered any caves that were dark enough for me to require one. I find myself mostly putting the darn things out so I can sneaky-sneak and ruin some bandit's day... hehe

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I don't believe there is any light enchantment. Looks like it's another victim of streamlining. A more grievous issue with enchantment to my mind though is the lack of stacking.

Speaking of rings, it annoys me that you can only wear one. You should be allowed to wear two at least - one on each hand.
Yeah, I bought the (2) mage light spells.. the hover one and the sticky one, since I couldn't find any enchanted item. But have yet to find an opportunity to actually need it. Still a whelp in the adventuring though.. so hopefully I'm bound to stumble on something. Maybe one day I can actually find something with a @#$! waterbreathing enchantment. I STILL haven't found anything. My alchemy potions last quite awhile now, but I'd much rather carry around a .5lb item than 2.5lbs of pots and hunting for ingredients

The ring wearing though.. yeah, that miffed me. Started enchanting early on in the game (dirt poor and stat starved). I didn't find this gem out till AFTER spending all my cash on (2) filled grand souls and crafting resistance rings, only to find out I could wear only one of them

Needless to say.. I'm glad to don't delete save games

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