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To follow-up (it's been awhile), something with the leader thing needs to also account for the fact that a team leader may get disconnected, and then somebody else needs to become the leader. Leaders should only be made of people on that team (so no spectators becoming leaders, and no issuing orders to the opposite team).

RazorAce, I know awhile back you asked to be able to do testing on the Meatgrinder of some OJP Basic fixes. Did you run out of time? I am curious how that went. Anyway, I'm super busy with my job now, so if the server is up or down, sometimes I'm not there to reset it, but it should automatically reset at 4am CST (though with some lag before that, and a 10 minute "downtime" as part of the scripted cycle). But the server is on Siege half the time and the other half CTF (or an occasional quick mayhem round in a Duel map with FFA).

The JediTracker may be down (the forum link is busted). Hopefully that gets fixed. If not, when I have time I'll have to put up a new tracker. But you can follow it easily enough on Qtracker and connect directly from that if you desire. The IP hasn't changed.

Let me know what's going on when you get a chance, RA. Thanks for the clarification.

The bots on Siege Hoth I think are the major problem right now. They get stuck once the shield generator needs destroying, while at one time I do remember that the red team bots DID try to shoot at the generator (though only of course rockets and Ewebs can do damage to it, and I don't think bots can yet use EWEBS, and they can't reliably use the walker after Objective 1, to attack the shields, they just hop in and immediately hop out). At least if you could make the bots try a different route (through the cave if they keep getting fragged on the way to the locked door on the edge of the ravine) and then shoot rockets at the shield generator, then they could advance on their own.

As is, if a human (or two) joins on Blue, they are guaranteed to win, since the bots will NEVER attempt to damage the shields.

One or two of the larger CTF maps are virtually unplayable with bots, because they just form "human towers" and stay there after a few minutes. Meaning everyone else in the game just has free reign, and never see their CPU teammates (or opponents) again.

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