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Originally Posted by Jon N/A View Post
...since I'm helping with the GFDelux Project
Good luck with that! And if there is a little something I can do for it, PM me!

Originally Posted by Jon N/A View Post
A good question to ask is, Whether it's best for the fan-game to has a hero and antagonist similar to the usual TimSchafer character type [A guy who loves the new tech (bad) and the guy who loves the old tech (good). See Trenched, Full Throttle, ...] or should it have a totally different story style.
I'm for taking a different story style. I say let's take the surreal mood and atmosphere of the game and add some dark-humor a la Terry Gilliam (Brazil) or Coen Brothers (Barton Fink/Fargo/TheBigLebowski).
I think a good approach for creating the story is to take GF's world and mix it with a classic story/fable and expand/brain-storm on that idea till we reach somewhere.
These are great ideas, and I would see a GF fan game absolutely like that. But I think that the project here is dead (well, never born, actually).

Originally Posted by Jon N/A View Post
@N3mo: I love your style! It's like a hybrid of Saul Bass and the classic Pink Panther toons + Mif2000 [] []. I'm gonna follow your blog. Why don't you post your art and design on DeviantArt?
Thank you very much, you are so kind! And thank you for linking that artist, it's great inspiration. I'm here anyway, I'm going to post some Grim Fandango poster in the near future!

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