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It´s exactly what I think about the novel, about the KotOR 2 with regard to the KotOR 1, about TOR with regard to both KotOR 1 and 2, and the direction that LA is taking and of the way in which they´re doing it: $$$!
In their effort for progressing, they´re doing it every time worse. What a so unnecessary way of complicating the things that were working and were very well! What a magnificent story/saga they could have developed and in what it´s now!
We, the fans, deserve something better, don´t we?
It´s my modest opinion, I think the KotOR saga it´s less than it could have managed to be.
A simply perfect review, it´s necessary to add not even a comma.
I said before we should wait until we´d read the novel, but after reading this review, which is exactly as I was afraid, ... Good-bye novel!

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