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Cool Guy The Avengers Movie

Who else is getting excited?

Most of you have known me over the years, know that I love movies about comic book characters! I used to read comics back in grade school, junior high, and high school. I stopped back in the 90's when the price of comics just became a little too demanding of my pocket book. I did not stop liking comics, I just stopped collecting them. The quality of comic book movies have really improved vastly with CG fx, use of great actors and actresses, and even getting top notch directors to bring them from the inked pages to reality.

After just seeing Thor, and Captain America recently, I am pretty stoked now for the Avengers movie! At first I thought it might just be a cash cow to get as many heroes into a movie as possible, and my worst fear is that it morphs into another Batman And Robin, which I regard as one of the worst movies ever made of all time.

I always thought Thor was a dope, but I never knew anything about his back story. The movie did a fantastic job of realizing the Asguard realm into a realistic movie. Spoiler alert!
Thor played by Chris Helmsworth starts off as the annoying arrogant prick that I remembered him as, but then redeems himself, first as a human being, and then reclaiming the power of Thor as a reward for his redemption. I found that to be very entertaining and powerful!
Plus, the movie had a fantastic villain [Loki] and a terrific supporting cast!

Captain America was a fun movie too, but I have to admit it got boring in parts. Chris Evens does a fine job of playing the role of Steve Rodgers, and Hugo Weaving [The Red Skull] is always the perfect villain in any movie. My biggest problem with Captain America, is that he came off rather cartoonish and the tech of the Hydra was a bit far fetched. I realize this movie is supposed to take place in the MARVEL universe of the WWII era, but it all seemed a big cartoon with propellers on rockets, and personal submarines. We barely have that kind of tech now, and if you want to bring a super hero to reality, you have to stick to...reality. Also the romantic lead was a bit dull compared to say....oh I dunno...Natalie Freaking Portman....

Never the less, I am getting juiced for the Avengers movie, I plan to see it! I am even brushing up on many of the comics.


Note: I did not care for the Incredible Hulk as much as others did. I think it was a good start, and I LOVE Edward Norton, and Tim Roth, but I feel the film did not do either of the stars the credit they deserve. I have no problem with the way the Hulk looked in the movie, but I feel that ultimately the movie wound up being a monster movie. It may have well been Godzilla vs Mothra. I dunno. Also, Liv Tyler as a scientist? I had a problem with that too. But I will give the film props for giving lots of nods to the TV series I used to watch as a kid...which I loved a lot.
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