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Post [KotOR] Yavin to Corellia Mod

I started a new WIP last week, its a planet mod, which is really the yavin planet in K1 but this mod changes it to be Corellia with a new main plot, side quests, items, and more. So far I have Done Layout, 1 module. Whole main quest was written last night. There will be 9 modules in all, 4, before exchange leader is killed, and another 4 for after exchanged leader is killed, and 1 for Exchange Space Station. I honestly think this can be done, however I will need help with scripting.

The main plot for Corellia is this, SPOILER ALERT!

Show spoiler

I will post screenies by tomorrow, because only 1 module has been started and its 23% done. Also I will keep updated on progress. Another thing as that I am looking for side quest Ideas. Please PM me if you have a side quest Idea.


Characters: 12%
Dialogue: 6%
Plot: 100%
Story: 100%
Side Quests: 0% <-Not Started
Skinning: 0% <- Not Started
Voicing: 0% <- Not Started
Modules: 12%

Once MrObiWan

If you need help with textures on any KotOR/TSL mod, feel free to contact me.

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