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The only actual mod I'm using atm is the better night sky one, not that I've seen much of it yet with all the clouds around. I also used the Large Address Aware EXE patch, so it can address more RAM. Haven't noticed any framerate improvements, but I haven't had any crashes since, which seems to be the common experience. I still need to implement the better shadows INI tweak, as the default ones are terrible.

Originally Posted by Darth Payne View Post
Mahrunes Shrine?

I haven't found that one yet...
East of Morthal, up the top of the mountain. Just look for the giant smarmy looking bloke. You'll find it as part of a quest chain, and can't get inside the actual shrine unless on that quest. I don't think any Daedra spawn outside it randomly.

EDIT: Had to add this. Awesome trick shot:

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