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Originally Posted by Darth Payne View Post
Just now, when i fast travelled, i saw a 3D model of a 'statue' with about eight Dragon Priest masks.

Are we supposed to collect the masks and return them to this statue?
The altar with the 8 masks from the load screen can be found outdoors in the ruin called Labyrinthian under a dome-shaped structure. There's also a wooden mask on the ground right next to it. I haven't gotten all the Dragon Priest masks yet so I don't know what happens if you bring them all there yet.

Stumbled upon it while on a quest for the Mage College.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Hmmm...apparently dragons will attack you inside towns. Riverwood is now minus one citizen and a few Whiterun guards.
Seems to happen at all the towns and cities that aren't in a separate worldspace. And unfortunately those random dragon attacks aren't deactivated during major quests in those areas. A poorly timed dragon attack at the Mage College made the final quest in their plot arc very hard.

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