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Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
I think its great. SOmething to brighten up (somehow) my night. Even though its dark. Why does the rodian have no toes lol. It work as a mercenary or a a guard.
Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
Zhaboka your right. Anyway, whats there to fix. Its great. Wish i did it

Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
Looks very natural and practical to me.

Originally Posted by Warlord664 View Post
Great job Fg!

Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
He's looking pretty good so far FG. I have a Republic Rodian if you'd like to use/modify him for your Republic guys:

Show spoiler
Thanks Dak! And I've noticed you kept the straps on him, I may decide to do that to my armored Rodian....When first looking at it when I had just put the chest plate on my Rodian it looked a bit odd with the straps on his armor, I'll see how it looks now. And could you email me that Rodian please?

Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
Niiiiice rodian! Can't wait 'till you have some more updates.
Thanks, I'll hopefully have 1 or 2 more before Thanksgiving.

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