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Angry Problems with xwa on win7 x64 ATI Radeon 4850HD

Hi, i just installed xwa on windows 7 64bit with the 2.02 patch usingMarkus Egger's MCI Version..I have an ATI Radeon 4850 HD Video Card.The graphics when set to 3d look horrible. Font problems and some black squares appearing constantly making it impossible to play. I installed a dual boot windows xp 32bit, and exactly the same problems appear, on the normal version as well. A friend recommended i should try VMware Emulator and set it for windows 98. Any hopes this might help? I'm pretty skeptic considering it did not work on XP 32bit. I've been playing the thing in software only mode, but i'd really love to get to play it 3d, the few parts i can see of it make it an awesome game.

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