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Originally Posted by N3mo
These are great ideas, and I would see a GF fan game absolutely like that. But I think that the project here is dead (well, never born, actually).
Sorry to reply late N3mo.
Well, I'd like to start one!
I'm going to analyse Grim Fandango and understand what made it special. I'm gonna observe Grim Fandango, Follow Grim Fandango, Walk with Grim Fandango, See through Grim Fandango and finally, become Grim Fandango!
Then I'm gonna try to merge it with a classic novel/story/fable for brainstorming purposes and see what I can come up with.
Originally Posted by N3mo
Good luck with that! And if there is a little something I can do for it, PM me!
Thanks! Your talents can be of great help recreating some of background's textures! As ThunderPeel said the post above,
Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001
Don't be afraid to get in touch if you have time and energy to spare!
Originally Posted by N3mo
Thank you very much, you are so kind! And thank you for linking that artist, it's great inspiration. I'm here anyway, I'm going to post some Grim Fandango poster in the near future!
You're very welcome!
*looks at the DeviantArt page and is shoced after seeing N3mo's avatar*
Wow! Unbelivable! I was following you on G+ earlier without knowing you! You +1'd my comment on the Tetris comic you posted! So you're the creator of this page! []
Heh, "Small world"! This is my profile on Deviant Art []
Looking forward for the GF posters! The original was ... not very impressive ...
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