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I didn't vote because, IMO, these Trailers are better than anything in Star Wars since 2005, and they all deserve a pedestal.

Ven Zallow is badass, Satele Shan is Badass, Kao Cen Darach is badass, Lord Vindican is badass, Malgus is beginning to piss me off but still badass, The Smuggler is cool, his ship is cooler.

The Trooper armor is still a MASSIVE mistake in my opinion, and truly alters the feel of the trailer and game, which is why Hope is by far my least favorite of the three trailers, but still better than any Clone Wars episode.

Favorite Duelist= Kao Cen Darach (Zabrak)
Favorite scene= Crashed troop carrier unveils Sith strike-force
Favorite Death= Ven Zallow (I shed a tear)
Favorite Entrance= Satele Shans Slow-mo-floor-punch-force-push-gtfo-move.
Favorite ship= Smuggler's XS stock light freighter
Favorite backdrop/Render= The Jedi Temple fly by in Deceived is awe-inspiring.

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