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Been Beta testing all weekend.

What I can say is this: Playing "Grey" doesn't make any sense. That isn't playing "neutural" it's playing insane.

There a many options and only a very few ever carry the weight of a Light or Dark side change. The ones that do are decisions like "Should I kill this guy, or let him go."

So if you are Neutrual, you are in essence randomly killing some people, and randomly freeing others. That doesn't make any sense at all.

What is nice about the system is I'm not forced to be Good or Bad. One of my characters is a Sith Warrior, and he's tier I light. The only thing I'm closed off to are High Tier Dark side items, and that doesn't really bother me because I have all these High Tier Light side items to play with.

It's a lot of fun in a PVP envrionment because off in the distance my foe see's a dude with two blue light sabers running at him and he things he's safe, right up until that dude leaps on him and starts carving him up.

I think they have it right. You are either a good person, or you are a bad person. You can be nutural toward the republic or the empire, and you don't have to flip a coin every time you have a choice to kill someone.
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