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Originally Posted by Zakhodit View Post
Been Beta testing all weekend.

What I can say is this: Playing "Grey" doesn't make any sense. That isn't playing "neutural" it's playing insane.

There a many options and only a very few ever carry the weight of a Light or Dark side change. The ones that do are decisions like "Should I kill this guy, or let him go."

So if you are Neutrual, you are in essence randomly killing some people, and randomly freeing others. That doesn't make any sense at all.
As a smuggler, I'm pretty much doing just that.

Mess with my ship? Get shot down in cold blood.

Children need medicine? No need to pay me, I'm right on that.

I'm not really role playing or anything, just picking what feels right at the time and I've stayed pretty neutral, but a touch on the light side.
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