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Convert KOTOR Sounds to a usable audio file

I'm now here, so I don't know if this post belongs here or in the Holowan Laboratories section. Anyway, about 6 years ago (I was 10 at the time) I played and finished KOTOR and I really was amazed by it all, even by all the source files that was used to make the game. Starting around that time, I have been very interested in video game sounds (effects, voice, etc.) and have extracted sounds from many games to my personal collection.

Lately, I went to do the same with KOTOR and KOTOR II, but I keep getting these errors. I tried decompressing the files in Miles Sound Studio, but it keeps saying:

"Error: No codec found for requested input type".

The sounds I'm looking for are in the "Streamsounds" and "Streamwaves" folders and their respective sub-folders. (I already have the music BTW) Can anyone help me with this?
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