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Okay, I know it has been quite a long time since I have shown any sign of activity on here... But, with school going on, and losing my KOTOR disc for about a month during the summer, I had to drop this for a while. So... About the second grading period into school, I finally thought of this, and decided to start getting back into it. I may not be back on for a while, as I will probably be learning more about how to work with KOTOR Tool. I hope that at least Kael'thas () is still checking this every once in a while, as he was one of the most helpful to me. But, I almost have the Endar Spire redone to what I wanted, just maybe give me another few days and I will try to whip it back together from the fragments that I have left from my brother's comp. Thanks to everyone who is still showing some interest in this.
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