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BF3 is quite epic, I enjoy the hell out of it. I always know when I love a game, when I both lose track of time, and find the inability to quit. BF3 is not doing anything different story wise. It's along the same lines as that game Black. You start out as a marine guy named "Blackburn", you tell you story, and agree to "fill in the blanks", as the levels play out. What I love about the Battlefield games as opposed to Call of Duty, is the comical relationship with your team players. I have yet to play online.

What I did not tell you you guys though, is that I dumped my 360 in favor of PS3. I had several issues with my account, with no support from micro suck what so ever. So I traded in my 360, all my games, picked up a second ps3 and several games. I now have two PS3s and I am strictly a PS3 owner now. I have no regrets other than I will dearly miss both Gears of War and Halo.
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