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Originally Posted by Redeemed Jedi View Post
I've never been a fan of Marvel but seeing the movies that are being made I'm starting to get interested.

I just saw Thor the other day and loved it! I think every one did a great job in the movie, especially Natalie Portman. I found her character to be very real and believable.

I have not seen Captain America yet but I'm planing to. I love Hugo Weaving, he is such a great actor, but I can't help to think of Agent Smith and the line "Good evening Mr. Anderson" every time I see him.

The Avengers does look interesting. I'm sure it will be a good movie and I will surely watch it.
The Thor movie really surprised me. It had an amazing cast! And while Thor was always my least favorite Marvel character, Chris Helmsworth made his character something special. Something I could understand. Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins really brought that film something special. Also the chemistry between Chris Helmsworth and Natalie Portman was refreshing for a comic book hero movie. The Avenger's is worth purchasing, but it is a bit duller compared to Thor. Don't get me wrong, Hugo Weaving is a fantastic Red Skull, but Hugo Weaving is just good at playing villains period. He is also great with accents. In Captain America, he is like almost scarier than Hitler himself! Both with and without the make up! His accent and uniform are to die for! Hale Hydra!
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