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Originally Posted by MrObiWan View Post
TC is for like new modeled areas and lots of brand new stuff that's not already in the game, I think this is an SC. And BTW, instead of double posting, just click on the edit button for first post you made. P.S. SC means Story Conversion, which is just new modules that are edited and some new skin's, and maybe a few new models.
Oh, that clears it up. So would you have to re create the endar spire again, so if instaling the mod the only way not to play is by deleting. Just because im a little bored, ill make a launcher for Revan All Along. Im no pro but id get the base idea. Just check out my luke vs vader launcher. Its ok. So off to work i am.

It is complete, would you like me to pm you the link FallenJedi1. Its just copy and replace.

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