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Korriban...the place where my journey down the darkside began. Mical thought as as his small fighter headed for the ruins of the Dreshdae settlement. Mical sighed heavily and looked down at the broken remains of Korriban's sole settlement. After the Jedi Civil War, the sith had turned against one another and the settlement had been destroyed in the power struggle. As far as Mical knew, he was the only living person currently on Korriban.

It hadn't always been that way.

When he had first arrived on the planet years ago, it was because he had been in search of Jedi and Sith artifacts that may have been left behind when the sith had turned against one another. He had been naive when he had first arrived on Korriban. He had been idealistic and had been hoping that he could find holocrons or other artifacts that could be used to help rebuild the jedi order after so many jedi had been wiped out by Darth Nihilus and the other members of the sith triumvirate. At first...after weeks of searching the ancient tombs he had found nothing. Whatever had been left in the aftermath of the infighting between the sith had either been hidden by experts or had been stolen by treasure hunters.

It was after a month of searching that he had found the tomb.

A ship had flown in overnight and had landed close to the tomb. Mical had been snapped out of his meditative state when he had heard the sound of a ship passing over the Dreshdae settlement. It had only taken him a few moments to power up his ship's sensors and to locate where the ship had landed and he had immediately set out on foot to take a look at what was happening. After a few minutes of using the force to increase his speed he had managed to reach the ship that had landed at the very edge of the Valley of the Dark Lords. He had managed to find a small area overlooking the area that the ship had landed in. He had sighed when he had seen who was crewing the vessel.


Treasure hunters...Mical thought angrily as he looked down at the assortment of individuals leaving the ship. The ship was big, it looked as if it was a heavily modified freighter that was now armed to the teeth. He continued watching as a twi'lek who had a long scar going down his right head-tail addressed the group of treasure hunters.

“Alright you group of idiots! The information from the bounty hunter had so far been correct. It's almost a shame that we had to kill him but we couldn't have that information be shared with everyone couldn't we?”

Mical could hear laughing from the crowd of treasure hunters. His hand began to head down to his lightsaber but he stopped. He didn't know if it was his own anger or the effect that Korriban had on force users but he had been finding himself getting angry faster and for trivial matters.

I need to stay calm...There is no emotion...there is peace.

He looked back down at the group of treasure hunters and continued to listen. The twi'lek captain looked over his group and smiled. “We found the tomb and we're armed to the teeth. According to the bounty hunter, we may be facing standard sith defenses, ancient droids and possibly some sort of creatures that the sith may have mutated. Not to mention traps. Everyone has their breath masks equipped correct?”

The large group of treasure hunters nodded as one as the twi'lek captain began to pace. “Now...from what we've heard about the other tombs they each have unique defenses so despite what that bounty hunter told us we may run into surprises. Remember, travel in groups and if you find anything me immediately. Are we clear?”

“Yes sir!”

The twi'lek captain walked towards a wall that looked like an ordinary wall. He reached forward and pressed his hand against a small stone that seemed to be stuck in the wall. Nothing happened for a moment but then dust began to fall as a small opening appeared as the walls began to shift and move. The twi'lek captain smiled as the walls finally stopped moving.

“Forward squad...move in!”

A small group of four individuals, each a different species slowly moved forward, blaster rifles primed and ready. The four moved into the dark tomb and activated their glow lamps and took a quick look around. “All clear sir. No signs of active defenses so far.”

Squad two. Move in! Squad one with continue to scout ahead. Squad two will provide support for the forward squad in case they run into trouble.”

Mical continued watching the group of treasure hunters as they went into the tomb in squads of four. Whoever was leading this treasure hunting expedition was skilled and must have had prior experience. The twi'lek captain motioned for the two remaining crew members to take up positions guarding the entrance to the tomb as he walked in after his crew.

This can't be good. Mical thought as a sudden thought came to mind. Sith artifacts by themselves were dangerous but what if these hunters found a holocron?! If they did find one and ended up selling it someone there was no telling what kind of damage it could do if it fell into the wrong hands.

For all I know...this could bring about the rise of another dark lord. Mical thought urgently. It was a tough decision. He could try to order the treasure hunters to leave this planet and contact the republic about this unknown tomb. Or he could take matters into his own hands and make sure that they never found anything.

He chewed his bottom lip as he pondered what to do. It would most likely take the republic weeks to get a garrison out here to guard the tomb, by that time the treasure hunters would most likely be gone with whatever treasures that they could get their hands on. But if were to fight the treasure hunters himself...he could keep them from selling the artifacts.

It appears I have no choice, Mical thought as he summoned his lightsaber to his hand and ignited it. The glowing yellow blade crackled to life and Mical focused in on the two guards outside the tomb.

There is no emotion...there is peace, Mical thought as he force jumped at the two guards.

They never saw it coming. The two guards hit the floor with a thud as Mical's lightsaber cut across their chests before they had a chance to react to the attack.

Two down...Mical thought. Only around thirty to go.
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