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Originally Posted by N3mo View Post
Uh no, I didn't mean to be arrogant, it's just my questionable english
No! No no no, It's a double-misunderstanding! I didn't mean to seem as if I thought you were arrogant. I honestley hoped for the fan game to turn out well made.
Originally Posted by N3mo View Post
Anyway, I'd love to work in a Grim-related project, so let's do something!
Yeah! Let's do it! Do you happen to use Dropbox? We can share a folder using that service.
Originally Posted by jermy721 View Post
I have an idea for the story. The main character of the game is seeking revenge for something that happened to him when he was living.
That's a good story arc to consider, But before writing the plot, I'd like to understand truly what makes Grim Fadango, Grim Fandango. I'd like to analyse the game 1st.
But, I'm not saying that brainstorming [like you did Jeremy] is prohibited! Not at all. In fact, It's very desired and welcome. but I don't like to start doing so. I want to analyse the game 1st.
One thing, Do you still want to direct this project? Or are you willing to work with my fan project? Because, I'd like to make something new with the setting and atmosphere of Grim Fandango. I lke storys with neutral or bad endings and dark-comedy's. And you may not like that.
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