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Originally Posted by Zeami View Post
Thank you for the welcome!

I can't link the quote yet (on a government computer and can't go to any gaming website). SW TOR is flagged for some reason (guess they think I won't be productive here lol).

I wasn't looking to just play, I want shadows and rippling grass and lighting perfection. (I really want the realism to shine and not see the "cartoony"-smooth-render that was wow.

"but just based on the minimum requirements I have to believe you could play on max." - that's what I wanted to hear. I guess it's going to just come down to me giving it a shot.... 58 days out.
I'm running a Radeon HD 6670 and I'm able to hit max settings, and keep framerates above 30 at nearly all times(save lag and extremes).

The GTX 550 rates higher than that.

I was able to run the game on a GeForce 8600 GT. though I wouldn't recommend it... ugh. getting 7-19 FPS max was rough.

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