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Thanks about the launcher. Glad you liekd it. ANd the launcher, as i said, is in beta, and can be tweaked of course. Pming you a few ideas now. I can help with all the tedious things that no one wants to do. i woulndn't mind voicing and dialouge as you'll need new people...

Ive got a siddequest idea, its just about defeating a dark jedi. Check this thread to see the module (its underground) all done by me!
Just an extra thing to do.
So its going to be a boss battle against mortlen, a dark jedi. FG1, as this is a SC, you've got to add extra features and area's so it gives the player a new feeling. Anyway, the hard parts done, now all i need to do is write dialoge and place npc. The jornal scripts will be left out for now. Ill pm you when its done, which will (maybe) be TONIGHT!
Some dialog wont make sense but ill share some of my ideas as we progress as im hoping to
Write Dialog
Skin a bit
Story Planner
Create Modules
And anything else id do.We could work together and produce a quality mod!
Ill help with side quests/quests too!


Good news
Finished Dialouge, planning and script.

Bad news
I accidently messed around with modules and stuff so my games crapped out. Can anyone give me a taris hideout module (both .rim and _s.rim) a tar_m03_af .rim and s_.rim
Thank you,
Needs to be non modded

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