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Peace is a lie there is only Passion.
Through Passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
The force shall free me

Mical sat with his legs crossed as he consulted the pyramid shaped holocron that he had set down before him a few hours ago. It was the same pyramid that he had used to heal himself back on Kashyyyk a few days ago. For reasons unknown to him, he could access some of it's functions when it was taken off world but to access the gatekeeper and the valuable information it contained he had to be on Korriban. He didn't care though. He didn't care why it only let him access it's information on Korriban, all he cared about was the knowledge it contained. He had been studying it since he had found it months before and he had still barely scratched the surface of it.

The gatekeeper looked up at him and a sneer appeared on it's face. The small hologram looked human but there were tattoos on it's face and arms. “So once again the former jedi returns. Tell me, did you manage to kill the jedi once you found her?”

Mical kept a straight face. He did not want to show the fear that he was feeling. This holocron was clearly different from the jedi ones that he had once studied. He had no idea if the holocron had the ability to kill him or not.

“No. I often came close but she was able to escape my grasp. I almost had her on Kashyyyk but apparently there were jedi in hiding. One of them was able to surprise me and I was wounded. She somehow managed to gather powerful allies even when on the run.”

The gatekeeper's eyes narrowed as it looked up at him and Mical felt a shudder run through him. “What of the child? Did you have any opportunities to steal it away from her?”

“No. As far as I can tell she often leaves it aboard her ship with someone on board. The ship was modified and needs either the pass code to open it or a verbal pass code that only the exile can provide.”

“I am most disappointed. I give you my knowledge and yet you are unable to kill a single jedi. You were able to extinguish the lives of her companions easily and a few of them were jedi.”

Mical narrowed his eyes back at the holocron. Despite not knowing the full capabilities of the holocron he didn't enjoy being mocked. “For the record, the jedi that I managed to kill were not fully trained. The exile left known space and expected them to rebuild the order in her absence. If not for me killing them off it's possible they would have found you and destroyed you.”

The gatekeeper laughed. “I'm sure that any one of them would could have killed the exile easily if they fell as easily as you did. But yet you have failed me repeatedly. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps you are not the one to finally rid the galaxy of the jedi.”

Mical clenched both of his hands into a fist. The gatekeeper was merely an extension of the holocron so it was the holocron itself that was mocking him.

Only one other person had mocked him and that had been when he had fought against the treasure hunters when they had entered the unknown tomb.


Mical's lightsaber cut through the torso of one of the last remaining treasure hunters. The man screamed in pain as the lightsaber took his life. The last remaining hunter brought his blaster rifle up and rapidly hit the fire button only to have Mical deflect the blaster bolts into the wall as he slowly advanced towards the hunter. The jedi's eyes were filled with anger as he continued to advance on the hunter. Mical was trying his hardest to keep from killing the hunter at that moment. The jedi could feel Korriban's influence driving him to kill the man in anger and he was trying his hardest to resist the urge.

The hunter dropped his blaster to the rifle and raised his hands above his head. Mical could sense the man's terror. “P-Please! You don't have to kill me! I'll give you what I found! Just please don't kill me!” The man quickly reached into the pocket on his jacket and pulled out a triangle shaped object. Mical instantly recognized it.

A holocron. A sith holocron.

“It's all yours in you let me live.” The man said quietly as he dropped it on the floor and slowly backed away. Mical looked down at the holocron and than back at the hunter.

Kill him...Kill him! There can be no survivors. If they leave then more will hear of what they found and then more will arrive.

Mical looked up in confusion. The voice seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. But it made sense: If these treasure hunters escaped then more would arrive soon. And that raised the possibility that sith artifacts could fall into the wrong hands.

“I'm sorry. But you are too great of a risk.” Mical said quietly as he raised his lightsaber and brought it down on the man, killing him instantly. Mical grabbed the holocron off the floor and was about to head for the entrance when he heard the sound of a blaster being armed behind him.

“Freeze jedi. Turn around slowly or you die where you stand.”

Mical slowly turned around with the holocron in hand to see the twi'lek captain pointing a blaster rifle at him. “You know, at first I thought my men were being killed off the tomb's defenses. But now...I guess I found the real reason.”

The twi'lek motioned him to drop the holocron on the ground and Mical narrowed his eyes. “I take it you already have plans for what to do with the holocron. Am I correct?”

The twi'lek smiled and nodded. “As soon as that man you killed informed me what he had found, I contacted an associate of mine who was able to find a buyer within hours.”

Mical was tempted to look down at his lightsaber that had been dropped on the floor along with the holocron. “You know that I can't allow you to leave with that. No one should have access to the knowledge that that thing may contain.”

The twi'lek started laughing. “Well, that seems to me that you think that only you should have access to it. You killed all of my men without knowing if you would find anything at all. It seems to me that you are acting more like a sith than a jedi.”

Mical stopped for a moment as the twi'lek's words sank in. He had killed nearly the entire crew of treasure hunters without knowing if they had found anything or not. What did that make him? If he had killed so many could he really call himself a jedi?

The twi'lek captain took his stunned silence as an opportunity to pull down on the firing trigger and fire off a blaster shot at Mical. Time seemed to slow as Mical's lightsaber was summoned to his hand and his lightsaber came up. The twi'lek's eyes widened in fear as the former jedi's lightsaber caught the blaster bolt and deflected it back directly at his head.

The twi'lek captain toppled over backward and hit the ground with a thud.

Mical looked down at the holocron as he heard the same voice in his head that he had heard earlier. Well done...

Mical tried to focus in on the voice, to try and figure out where it was coming from. He slowly looked down at the holocron and heard the voice again. You are right. I am the one who has been guiding you. It was through you that I was able to save myself from being sold like some sort of trinket that would have been locked away in some sort of vault. You have killed men and women who sought to steal me away from the tomb.

Mical looked down at the holocron as a blue glowing figure appeared on the floor. I was once known as Darth Valeron in life. What you have found is all that remains of my legacy.

Mical backed away from the holocron and deactivated his lightsaber. “I should destroy you right now! The sith have brought nothing but pain and destruction to the galaxy! And you somehow manipulated me into killing the treasure hunters! I could have disabled them.”

Was it really me that forced you to kill them? There has always been darkness within your heart jedi. I merely brought it out and showed it to you. It felt good, killing those treasure hunters didn't it? Knowing that you were ridding the galaxy of people who could have brought about the rise of the sith?

“It...I merely stopped them from bringing about the rise of another sith lord. If you were to fall into the wrong hands. And now that they are gone you will be taken back to the jedi temple and locked away.”

You may be able to lie to me jedi, but you can't lie to yourself. Even now I sense the hatred within you. I can feel your anger towards a specific someone. Tell me jedi, who is it that you are so angry with?

Mical almost manage to catch himself but the words slipped off his tongue as his tone turned bitter. “The Exile. She left us here...left us alone...”

You wish to make her pay...You wish to make her suffer for leaving you here to rebuild the jedi order alone. I can sense the hatred within you.

“That's n-not true.” Mical stammered unconvincingly. “She left us with a task. To rebuild the jedi order and I have made that my goal.”

Don't lie to me jedi...Speak the truth.

“Fine!” Mical shouted. “I had dreams of my own. To explore the galaxy, to aid the republic in it's time of need. And she entrusts me to rebuild the jedi order from scratch! It's isn't fair to me or to the others that she left behind! She could have stayed to help us but instead she left for the unknown regions with that smuggler of hers!”

Let your anger fill you jedi! I can teach you. I can help you accomplish your dreams...but first there is something you must do for me.

“And what would that be?” Mical asked skeptically. Truth be told, it had felt good to say why he was so angry but still...why would a sith holocron want to help him.

Destroy what is left of the jedi. Wipe out the exile. As far as I can sense, she is one of the last remaining of the jedi. Destroy her companions and those who traveled with her. Only then will you be able to forge your own path.

Mical stopped for a moment and looked down at the holocron. He held no ill will towards any of those who had traveled with the exile except for Atton but be able to forge his own path in the was a tempting offer.

An offer he would accept.

“I pledge myself to your teachings.” He said quietly as he sat down in front of the holocron's gatekeeper. “Please...teach me. Teach me all that you know.”

Very well. But beware. Those who say that the ways of the darkside are simple are fools. It will take much hard work before you are ready to face those who you once traveled with.


Flashback ends

Mical smiled down at the holocron. It was an unpleasant, slightly demented smile. “I have learned much from you but I think you are no longer fit to be my teacher. If there is one thing I have learned for you it's that the information from holocrons is that the knowledge can be siphoned from the holocron and placed directly in the brain.”

The gatekeeper looked up at him. A suddenly nervous look appeared on it's face. I will destroy myself before I allow you to do that.

The next thing Mical did surprised not only him, but the gatekeeper itself as he gripped the information center of the holocron and pulled.

Ancient symbols and languages he had never even heard of before flashed through his mind along with thousands of other pieces of information. He saw the entire archive of the holocron's information flash through his mind. He could barely breath, his mind was struggling to make sense of all of the information even as his hand reached out and grabbed the holocron and began to crush it.

No! You can't do this! I am your teacher! The one who has taught you everything you know! You cannot destroy me if you have any hope of destroying the exile!

Mical smiled as his mind began to slowly make sense of all of the information. He would have to rest for a few days as his mind processed the information. “I can do this. I have absorbed all of your information. Which means I no longer need you.”

Mical slowly and with great pleasure crushed the holocron to dust in a moment and smiled as he knelt down in the remains of the holocron and began to meditate.

The next battle between the Exile and myself will be the last one. He thought as he meditated. Either I will die or she will.
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