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Dark Templars are recruting

Greetings, My name is DarkGremio and I am a guild member of Dark Templars, currently we are recruiting fun active members (15-20 hours a week) to our new guild. We are small now but growing day by day.

Dark Templars is a pve/raid focused guild. Until members hit raid levels/gear we will be helping each other out to get through all the content at a moderate pace. I do not plan on rushing through the content as fast as possible, as this really is not my style, nor do I find it much fun!

Myself and a few other members are old wow raiders so we have experience with raiding style content and how to organize and lead successful raids. We will be looking to plan 2-3 raids per week once the time comes that we can start raiding. Main days of operations will depend on current members demands and schedules.

Here is a generic list of what we are:

Guild: Dark Templars
SWTOR link:
Guild Website:
Allegiance: Sith
Zone: Western
Server: PVE

We are hoping to create a community of like minded gamers who want to have fun with the game, but also realize that there is life outside the game. I will not have unrealistic expectations of my members (like I said previously15-20 hours per week, but no real enforcement) and if life gets in the way, well, c'est la vie

If we sound right for you please visit the guild website and apply. All classes are acceptable since I realize people may be changing their mind within the first few weeks anyhow.
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