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Question REQUEST: blue/greenscreen-map

hey there!

my name is spaan - and i have a big problem.

a friend of mine had the idea to make a short starwars-fan-movie. we plan to film a lightsaber duel (him and me fighting), and make intro and outro using jka (recording ingame scenes).

right. and as these "ingame scenes" also include spacecraft flying through space, a very large blue-/green-screen-map is indispensable.

i read about an almost mythical map called "megabluescreen-map".
and i spent a lot of time searching it - but, as you will have guessed, i couldn't find it.

well, my question is:
is there anyone who still has that map (or a similar one)?
and would you make it available for me?

please, after months of searching and asking, i'm quite despaired.
i'll appreciate any advice!

thanks & greetings from austria!
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