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Oh bless you Sabertooth! I just been recently compiling my favorites from this year. It has been tough. Games have been a plenty...movies not so much...albums also in the plenty! I can add other entries though since you said we could.

Favorite movie: is hands down: Thor With Chris Hemsworth as the starring role. He is wonderfully supported by such film greats as Anthony Hopkins as "Odin", Tom Hiddleston as "Loki", Natalie Portman as "Jane Foster", and Stellan Skarsgård as Erik Selvig. The movie really blew my mind, because I always thought Thor as one of the weakest and most annoying characters in the Marvel Universe. What director Kenneth Branagh brought to the table was Thor in every aspect of the comic he portrayed. In the beginning you hate Thor, the guy is a complete d-bag. Odin punishes him by sending him to Earth stripped of his powers. Thor, an arrogant prick, must learn to appreciate things such as caring, sharing, and love. Once Thor learns these attributes, he must answer the call to duty to protect those he loves the most, at any cost. I expected the average human being to swallow the concept of Asgard not to easily, but the movie makes complete sense out of it, and sets up the room easily for Thor's return as one of the Avengers due out next year to be directed by Joss Whedon. Can't wait!

Favorite Game: Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but damn...Skyrim is so fun! I mean it is just amazing! I finally got into Oblivion. I finally learned how to go through RPGs after spending time on such games such as Mass Effect 2, Dues Ex, Human Revolution, and Lord of the Rings War in the North. Skyrim is the best RPG ever. The dragons are of movie quality such as what you saw in "Reign of Fire", and your ability to level up on the fly makes this game one of the most important games you will ever play in your entire life. Yes I love it..sue me.

Favorite album should go to Skinny Puppy for Handover, however, it does not. I also have a soft spot for Lady Gaga. I found her album Born This Way to be quite infectious. Even though I grew up on industrial music, the genre is kind of stale at this point. Skinny Puppy's new album is good, but too god damn short. Most of the songs end when they are just getting really good. I don't know what to make of the Gaga, but I like her songs, and her videos and live performances are controversial, but I would KILL to see a live performance, as she is a world class performance artist. At her age, it is refreshing to see her echo in the shadows of Bowie, and Elton John. Everyone thinks she is crazy, but she is just reading from the glam power book, and laughing her way to the bank. In the maelstrom she has created, a lot of really great catchy songs have come along the way. She would make Madonna proud. The world needs an artist like this, and I am down with all of Lady Gaga's bull****. Seriously! I love all of it!

Hell I answered all the core questions but I will put in all of the TV shows as well. Here are my favorite in order of importance

1. The Walking Dead
2. Blue Bloods
3. The Big Bang Theory
4. Leverage
5. CSI: New York
6. Psych
7. CSI: Miami
8. Hawaii Five O
9. The Closer
10. Falling Skies
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