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Hey all, seen the fact that the Guild Pre-launch program is closed, maybe it's time to look at the roster and make decisions about what advanced classes or specs to choose to benefit the guild the most. It would suck to end up with an unbalanced guild...

What I've seen in video's, most 4-team missions will require 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 damagers (dps). 10 man-missions will probably require 2-3 tanks, 2-3 healers and the rest dps.

Class roles
Here are the class roles, explained in an easy graph:
Show spoiler

Our guild has:
2 Sith Warrior
2 Bounty Hunter
1 Sith Inquisitor
0 Imperial Agent
1 Undecided

Possible tanks: 5
Possible healers: 3
Possible melee dps: 5
Possible ranged dps: 3

It all depends on what advanced class you take though. Choosing Marauder means a Sith Warrior can't tank any more. After choosing your specialisation, you can only switch talent points around, but your role is practically set. Maybe it's usefull to take a look at what appeals to all our members, so we can create a balanced guild. That way, we can play group missions together without needing to grab a tank or healer from outside the group. Also, Lynk pointed out that you could always create a second character and play an entirely different role. However, I imagine everyone wants to get as far as they can with their 'first' primary character.

Any thoughts? Feel free to post your preferences..

Name on SWTOR site: Ztalker
Preferred advanced class: Sith Assassin
Preferred role: Support-burst DPS (sapping enemies, crippling enemies etc)or tank.
If persuaded, I could play: Sith Sorcerer - healer/ranged. The class seems boring but if someone could proof me wrong..

I've done some digging around about Sith Assassin tanking and it seems to be quite cool. It also works very well with Synthweaving, which ables me to craft custom-looking (orange colour in your inventory) items that can be fitted with lv50 upgrades. Bioware wants players to be able to customise their own look that way. So if you see a nice looking jacket, pants that you dont want to fear. You can constantly upgrade the 'orange' versions of your gear with increasingly powerfull upgrades. So we can create our own unique looking tier-armor so to say. Sound cool!

-----------------CONFIRMED --------------
*Will edit this along the way*

1 Melee dps (Lynk)
0 Healer
1 Tank (Ztalker)
0 Ranged dps
-----------------NOT CERTAIN--------------
0 Melee dps
3 Healer (Militiades, Logan 23, Mav)
0 Tank
3 Ranged Dps (Militiades, Logan 23, Mav)

Very quick responses from all you guys! We seem to be in a luxury position with so many ranged and healing classes around. And 2 Marauders...according to the chart, only a small percentage of the players will play that class...

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