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On Social Points

These are obtained during any cut scene where you have options to respond and you are in a group of at least two players. When a party member makes a response, a random number is rolled. The highest roll is the the response the party gives to the NPC.

EDIT: If the response is going to cause you to gain Light or Dark side points, you get the ponts you opted for, regardless of who won the roll. However the actions of the winning roll are what happens in the cut scene.

So if I chose to spare the Jawa from a quick death (gaining 50 light points) and my brother wanted to force choke the little sucker for giving him a faulty droid (gaining 50 dark points) we would both get the points we wanted. But since he rolled a 98 and I rolled a 7, the Jawa is no longer with us.

Many Jawas died to bring you this information...

The high roll is worth 4 social points. IF there are two players the low roll is worth 2. IF there are three players then it follows, 4, 3, 2. With four it's 4, 3, 2, 1.

Each time you "lose" a social roll you gain a bonus to your next social roll until you finally win one. My highest roll was 172. (my brother had won the rolls for so long I told him I was his companion.)

On Need Vs. Greed (and sometimes pass)

When in a group it is MMO etiquette to only click on Need when the character you are currently playing can make use of the item. If you are playing a Sith Warrior and a Sniper Rifle drops, clicking Need because you also have a Imp Agent is frowned upon.

Some items in the game are "Bind on Pick up" meaning that the instant it hits your inventory, you can't sell it, trade it, or otherwise allow another to use it. It's always good practice to take a look at the item before clicking Need. Once you get used to what things look like, you can always click greed, unless of course you really need it.

On Advanced Class Options

Be advised that the AC options for each class will take you down a very different road from each other. A Sith Marauder is a glass cannon that will hand out damage like a Jehovah's Witness at a pamphlet convention. A Sith Juggernaut is massive trash can of armor and heath with a glowy fly swatter attached who will absorb the fury of an Icelandic Volcano and yet only make a small mark with his single lightsaber as if to say "naughty, naughty!"

Each AC has three skill trees. ONE of those trees is shared by both ACs but that tree is rather basic and only improves on things inherent in the base class. I.E. Everything you got up to level 10. The shared tree isn't going to make you a better Trash can, or get you into the higher tier of DPS heaven.

Currently there are only a max of 41 skill points to place in any one tree. (50 levels) Each tree has 39 points in it. As stated by others previously, I highly recommend that players focus all points into one skill tree. I looked at the trees extensively and Hybrid builds are going to really suffer until the level cap reaches at least 60 if not 70.

Jedi/Sith classes will not be viable hybrid options until there are at least 60 points to spread about. From what I saw on the last test weekend (Dec 3-5) I wouldn't dare put any points in a different tree until level 30. Even then I was wary to do so.

The Smuggler/Imp Agent ACs that allow them to take healing abilites or melee DPS looked like the best classes to go with a hybrid.

But seriously, Go with one tree until you know what's going on. When you feel comfortable and have a logical plan, respecing your points is free the first time. (and pretty cheep the second and third times.)

And to confirm the confirmations of confriming, I didn't get my Smuggler off planet until level 15. As soon as I picked Scoundrel I had 6 points to spend.

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