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"I think it would be a good idea if Kaillian were to stay in her room for a bit. There's a bit of a mess out here."

Jun-la replied, "Don't worry. Matton and I will stay. We have a whole plan worked out. Belina knows too." She then gave a gentle pat to Alriana's middle and whispered, "Just be careful with what you do. He tends to become an old married woman about people he cares about the most."

She turned to Tavaryn. "Should we follow the Admiral?" She asked quietly.

Tavaryn gave a nod as he checked to make sure that the lightsaber was on his belt. he left his blade behind but he had some weapon. He replied, "Lead the way moi chroi."

As they were walking down the corridors, he fished out his comlink and called, "Alpha Team, this is Alpha Leader. Upgrading status to alert. Be on standby."

Alpha Team. Copy that.

Tavaryn then switched to another link and contacted Fen'Harel, "Sir, we should have the brothers on alert."

I will alert Xandros.

Tavaryn out away his com and gave a side glance to Alriana. "Always be prepared."


The announcement went rather smoothly at least in Tonatius' mind. Andros actually gave a hand shake but it had the little brother glare that clearly said he better stay Mr. Honorable or else. They shared a silent look of understanding on that. Tonatius would try.

He did find it amusing that everyone was asking about names and Kal wasn't even showing yet. He said, "Look at it this way Kal, time will go by quick. Better to get an early start."

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