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"Just be careful with what you do. He tends to become an old married woman about people he cares about the most."

Alriana couldn't help but laugh. "Thanks for the heads up. At least now I know what to expect."

She waited outside the room that Grand Admiral Velerc and Admiral Belina were in and stood at attention as the door opened and Admiral Belina walked out. Alriana could see that she had been crying.

"Jedi Alriana and Tavaryn." She said quietly. I plan on meeting with Kavrik soon. I would appreciate it if you could join Garja and I in meeting room three."

"What about the Grand Admiral? Whats his condition?"

"The Grand Admiral is in bad shape and everything that can be done by medical science has been done. Even a very experienced jedi would have a hard time fixing his injuries."

Belina turned to the two of them. "The meeting is going to start in twenty minutes. I just need to get ahold of Garja and we should be set."

Belina opened up a channel to the bridge of the Ackbar and waited for a moment before Garja's voice came through.

"Admiral. What are your orders?"

"Get ahold of Kavrik and let him know that we're going to have a discussion in meeting room three in twenty minutes. I'd like it if you could show up to the meeting as well."

"Yes Admiral. I'll let him know right now and I'll be there soon."

Ackbar bridge

Garja opened up a comnline to Kavrik's ship and waited a moment before speaking. "Kavrik. Admiral Belina is setting up a meeting in meeting room three in around twenty minutes and would like you to attend."

Ackbar Medbay

"And you're envious of my armor? It's not so beautiful now, the visor's fractured, the shoulder guard has been blown off, and a whole bunch of blaster scoring. If you want, I could commission the old man to make you a set of armor, but there may be a problem with that."

Xeran laughed. "The blaster scoring gives it character!" Xeran said still laughing. "Sure it might need some repairs but the blaster scoring shows that you've seen combat with it so I'd leave those on...but hey, it's not my armor so do what you wish."

" were a commander? And an ex-jedi at that? You must have had an interesting career. Tell me more about this...Gamma squad. what happened to it?"
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