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"Sure it might need some repairs but the blaster scoring shows that you've seen combat with it so I'd leave those on...but hey, it's not my armor so do what you wish."

"Why do you think I left all that blaster scoring on there?" Valek allowed a smirk to cross his face, and continued. "But, what I meant was that you can't see through the visor due to that huge crack in it."

" were a commander? And an ex-jedi at that? You must have had an interesting career. Tell me more about this...Gamma squad. what happened to it?"

"Technically, I'm a First Lieuteneant, but yes, I was a commander-of-sorts on the squad." Valek leaned back onto the wall. "Few Jedi treaded the path between Jedi and soldier. Revan and Anakin Skywalker were prime examples. They fought in the thickest of battles like a typical marine would, unlike other Jedi, who simply stayed back. But none had served as a soldier in the Republic after being exiled. I think I was the first."

Varik paused, and cleared his throat.

"Oh, right, Gamma Squad. In the Resistance, there were three squads that were on top of the others: Alpha, Omega, and Gamma. Gamma was that one squad that fought in the thick battles, and were very effective. There are no Jedi affiliated with the squad, so having all this manpower with no Jedi involved was one thing that set us apart from the others. We don't rely on the Force during battles, or at all, in that matter. We suffered heavy losses during the Fall of Coruscant, and our fragments were destroyed on Eldravin. What was left were sent off to other squads, and Epsilon Squad took our place as the third most elite squad, though they have more of a black-ops style fighting technique than ours."

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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