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well, yeah, we need a huge unicolour box, without anything in it.
man, it would really be a big help if you did us that favour!

i've been searching the wide wide web for a large blue/greenscreen-map for months. incredibly enough, it seems like that there aren't any left out there...

alright, if you don't mind, i'll tell you more. excuse my english, please!

what we'd like to do is film a spacecraft entering the scene flying over the cam (from behind to front), until it nearly disappears as a small dot in the distance. you see, the map must be very large.
the purpose is to replace the unicolour background with a "starfield & near planet"-scenery, as seen in various starwars-vessel-entering-atmosphere-scenes...

so of course, we should be able to spawn & take off with a spacecraft.
and thus, clear light coming from one direction would give the impression of a far sun best.

as to the colour - there are 6 jka unicolour-textures (assets1/textures/colors) which seem useful to me. i guess that one usually uses blue or green; but besides, in the filefront-forum, people told me that it is possible to integrate a button (for example, on the wall next to the spawning point) which would allow you to toggle between various colours (bluescreen, greenscreen etc.).

but sorry, i admit, i have no idea of mapping, and still little idea of jka-movie-making. and i don't know how much work it means to realize my ideas.
so please forgive me, in case that i'm talking rubbish here...

alright - enough.
just ask me if you have any doubts!

and thanks-a-lot in advance, mate, in case you really wanna do that for me!

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