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"I have Alpha Team on alert Admiral. Any orders and we're ready to go."

Belina turned and nodded. "Good idea. If what I suspect is true then we might need you to deploy in a few hours. I plan on getting in contact with the jedi to see if they have any elite units they want to send in. Jedi Alriana, I want you and Tavaryn to join us in meeting with Kavrik." The Admiral headed for the turbolift and waited for the others to join her.

Ackbar corridors

"Xandros, one of our brothers has requested you be on alert."

Xandros had been walking towars the quarters he had been assigned when his comnlink went off. He quickly reached out through the force and sensed no danger but he still kept his guard up.

"As you wish sir." He said as he quickly turned around and headed for the turbolift. He suspected if any trouble were to occur he might be needed either on the bridge or possibly the hanger deck..

Ackbar Medbay

"What was left were sent off to other squads, and Epsilon Squad took our place as the third most elite squad, though they have more of a black-ops style fighting technique than ours."

"Sorry to hear that." Xeran said and he really was sorry to hear that. He had been in a few squads that had lost people before being assigned to the Ackbar and it was never easy to lose friends and Xeran had lost quite a few.

"Well, now that your aboard the Ackbar you might be assigned to Alpha Team. They're the top squad aboard the Ackbar right now. If you want, I can ask the Admiral if there's an opening on the team."

Ackbar Bridge

"I'd like nothing better, Admiral Garja. Thanks for the heads up."

"Not a problem." Garja said as he closed the comnlink and headed for the turbolift. "Let me know at once if anything suspicious happens. Keep scanning and let me know if anything is detected."
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