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I seriously wonder how Georges can conceive TCW series as being canon. Then again, Jar Jar is supposedly canon, too, so... But still, the Ashoka buisness is not serious! Just take a look at the first EU book series ever: Zahnn's Dark Force Rising. Can you even begin to imagine the impact? I mean, Darth Vader did kill just about all of the Jedi. What happens to his apprentice? Does he spare her (so she may return in Star Wars Unleashed III )? And you have to know that most books tend to integrate the rest of the star wars lore in them (just read Zahnn and then Stackpole, his biggest chum). Imagine if they had to adapt Thrawn's trilogy to integrate Ashoka. That would be so lame. There is one conclusion: Ashoka must die. Also, about the clone war, look what they did to the Mandalorians... What's with this guirly Duchess of Mandalore? I would picture her as a strong person, one that is cold and calculating. Instead, we get a weak emotional character. Seriously, Shatterpoint was a complex book and added a lot of depth to Star Wars. TCW? It is just a 3d kids show with a weak story. Let's face-it, story-wise, the 6 films were quite simple. George's strength lies in visual effect. But while the story was simple, it also was strong. TCW is just a sad excuse to make more profit.
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