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I will be leading one more project before I depart this community once again, and that is a restoration effort focusing on the content with Darth Nihilus, fleshing him out as a character a bit more through cinematic enhancement. ETA in the distant future with Malachor VI Ending Mod and M4-78, maybe doubling as a glue mod for TSLRCM and the other two I just mentioned (since that sort of thing IMO is convenient and helpful).

Plus I have always had a Darth Nihilus fetish since I first bought the Prima Offical strategy guide for xbox KotOR II while I was waiting for the PC version, he's so cool and badass! I loved looking at the pictures. I was disappointed especially at his minimal role in the game but I think I know the character well enough to boost him back to the right level of awesome, and it would be a nice sendoff since my work on the game will basically be seen through at the time of those other mods releases.

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