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There's now a new set of five missions called "Warriors of the Sky" that has you searching for the pieces of the Temple of the Sky with Indiana Jones (and Harold Oxley from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

Originally Posted by N3mo View Post
Nice game. But I don't have any friends playing it so it's pretty hard sometimes complete the missions..
Yeah, unfortunately it's only possible to complete most of the missions with at least one friend. Of course more is preferable. I have two friends that play the game, and I have to have a lot of patience to wait until enough time has passed to ask for another item. Plus, I have to make sure I keep logging in when it's time to ask, since there's a time limit on the missions.

Zynga has a system in place now on Farmville where you can ask people who recently played the game to be your friend without having to make them your Facebook friend. Hopefully Zynga will put a system like that in place for Indiana Jones Adventure World too. You won't be able to post on their wall for stuff, but you can still ask them to send you items through friend requests. Plus, it definitely would make it a lot better for missions that require people to join your party. It's not impossible to get in a mission that requires a lot of friends, it just takes a lot of patience since you have to complete collectable collections in order to get a crew member as a bonus.

That said, I've really enjoyed the Indiana Jones missions so far. It's really got the Indiana Jones feel, despite the game being firmly in the family game department. (Although the Lego games already showed what a family Indy game could be).

Plus, the references to past Indy adventures and acquaintances is fun. Indy mentioned that he was flown to South America by Jock Lindsey (from Raiders). The person who's trying to beat Indy to the calendar of the sun is Doctor Forrestal (the skewered skeleton in the cavern in Raiders). And, the latest Indy missions (Warriors of the Sky) have you team up with Harold Oxley (from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

Zynga's customer service is great too. My connection was lost from the server, and when I logged back in Indy got stuck (and it was the mission where you set off a trap for him, and then (non-playable) Indy would set off a trap for you, so it was impossible to go any further). The customer service representative gave me a whole bunch of supplies and energy, all of the items that had to be asked for by friends in that mission, and got Indiana Jones unstuck in under five minutes.

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