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Darkside Manipulative recuits.

One thing that bother me in a dark side playthrough is that everything is done "head on" with no subtlety.

This is what lead me to this request, wich is in itself very specific, here are the major events that i would like to be re-done the most.

1°/ Recruiting Juhani as a Dark Jedi on dantooine, promising her even more power, if she follows you and obey you, and teaching her how to hide her thoughts and feelings so that the masters won't notice at all.

2°/ Make Zaalbar stay on Kashyyk as the new village chief using his life debt to force him to accept the position after you have killed both Freyyr and chundaar so that he will not be able to parasite your own influence over mission, and liberating a spot for a new recuit.

3°/ Making mission a Dark Jedi on Tatooine, after inciting and manipulating her into killing Lena (Griff's ex girlfriend, because even if it was not her idea she still acepted to leave a 12 yo girl in a dangerous city all by herself) and then making her kill her own brother insisting that he deserves to die because he betrayed her.

4°/ Recuit Yuthura ban as a dark Jedi (no rédemption) after the battle against uthar, only if zaalbar's spot has been freed.

There is absolutely no need for custom items, weapon and armor.

to Anyone who would take this challenge, you'll have my deepest thanks.

May the dark side of the force be with you.

That was... a most delightful scream. I was enthralled by it. Nothing is more beautiful than a scream of death.

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