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Hello every one. I've have some posters for you.

Show spoiler

Also, these are the roles I need for voice acting.

1. Hannah Jenkins(Female)
Republic Scout
She acts sort of like Han Solo only she's a female.
Role size: Large
Auditioning: 0

2. Zahr(Male)
Jedi Master
He's basically exactly the same he is in the game.
Role Size: Medium
Auditioning: 2

3. Mandalorian Captain(Male)
Mandalorian (Obviously)
Acts kinda like Canderous.
Role size: Small
Auditioning: 0

4. Jex(Male)
Tatooine Bartender
Act him out however you feel is best.
Role Size: small
Auditioning: 0

5. Braden Kineer(Male)
Mysterious Figure
He is very shady and mysterious. He tends to talk in a low voice.
Role Size: small(Note: In the next movie his role will be very large)
Auditioning: 0

So if you interested send me a PM or something.

Also feel free to "like" this project on facebook.

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