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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
It'd be interesting to find out which method is more efficient.
It depends on how you rate efficienty. If by efficient you mean that when you step onto the shttle to the Fleet Staion, you leave nothing behind you undone, then Lynk's suggestion is what you're looking for.

If efficient means that you have your crew skills as quickly as possible and are advacing them early, then you have what I outlined.

Neither, I think, is better than the other. It is simply a matter of play style.

The modivation for me to map out what I did was my friend, who play tested during Thanksgiving was very frustated because after an entire weekend of play he was level 11 and didn't have a companion, advanced class, or any crew skills.

He had flooded his log with quests and had ended up confused and running in circles. He was highly critical of the game and said it was confusing and poorly structured. I don't agree with what he said and I hope only to present a method to allow new players to keep on track.

A player could stick with the main story until they have their sidekick, and then open all the quests on the starting world. Or they could press on until they have their own ship and then look back.

The key point to all this is that it's not your level that dictates when you receive compaions or your ship, but rather your progress in storyline. How you wish to progress that storyline is up to you.
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