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Whoa, Let me be clear on something: I'm not advcoating rushing much past level 8.

Here let me quote myself from the above post:

This is a time to “complete your training” before you rush off to be a hero. Show up to that party at level 11 or 12 and expect to end up missing a hand, hanging upside down from a floating city, and praying for someone to come save your ass.
The idea is to get your crew skills and then get back down to your starting planet. Even if you ding lvl 8 while you talk to crew skill vendors you'll still be well within the level range of your starter world.

I'm not sure how what I wrote left the impression that you should bound your way to Tatooine via story line only, or that rushing on to the new world underleveled was some sort of "good idea." Please point out in my original post where I made that mistake and I'll edit it right now.

The main idea is: Two hours, you're level 8 with a companion and crew skills and back on your home world cleaning up that XP.

Again, only a suggestion, mainly for people who want to get a head start on advancing their crafting skills.
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