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Calculated out over a 6 months of playing: None at all.

Measured by my friends (who are mostly older [35+] and want the assistance of their companion as they plod through missions): Slightly better.

I suppose the difference in thought here was that I was looking at it from the point of view of helping my friends, who have zero experience in the games like this. Collecting every quest they saw, as I initially instructed them, made things worse since now almost every door they looked at had a green "go this way" icon.

Since some of them only play two hours a night, I was looking to give them some measurable accomplishment (by their standard) that they could go by. I fully expect them to take three days just to get to level 8. I'm sure some of them will still be on the starting world while I'm picking loot up in Alderaan.

Maybe the thread wasn't such a good idea, since clearly most people who read it are veterans of games like this. I wasn't trying to start a ruckus, just pass on a tip that helped my buddies.
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